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Mixing fragrances at JoJo's Olfactory

About JoJo's

Learn the story behind JoJo's Olfactory and the history of the founders Holly and Abby. They see JoJo's as a Fragrance Bar, not just a candle shop.

Holly Ward and Abby Ward

JoJo's Founders

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JoJo's Olfactory & Co. was founded by Holly Ward & Abby Ward in January 2021. This mother-daughter team hails from Peru, Indiana.


Holly Ward works full-time as a Public Outreach Coordinator for Irving Materials, Inc. and enjoys working out, spending time with her kids and grandkids, and walking her dog, Bandit.

Abby Ward works full-time as a Credit Analyst for Logansport Savings Bank and enjoys spending time with friends and family, going to the lake, and has two black labs, Macy & Remi.

Who is JoJo

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Everyone always asks "who is JoJo?" JoJo originated from family, which is deeply important to both founders. Holly and Abby's grandmother/great-grandmother is Joann, she was born in 1928 in Peru, Indiana. Joann discovered St. Charles Catholic Church later in life and all 6 of her children attended school at St. Charles School from kindergarten through 8th grade, which built a strong Christian foundation for her family.


Joann's daughter and Holly's mother is Penny, and her middle name is Jo. Both Holly and Abby's middle name is also Jo. When beginning the process of starting up their store, they came up with a name that represented both of them and honored their family and faith.

JoJo’s Olfactory & Co close up of mixing board
JoJo’s Olfactory & Company logo
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How did JoJo's Start

Abby went to Columbus, Ohio 6 years ago and visited The Candle Lab with a friend. Immediately, her friend suggested the idea of opening up a fragrance bar in their hometown. They played with wax and fragrances in the kitchen that evening and started on a business plan, but Abby never did anything with it then.


Fast forward 5 1/2 years, Abby went to another similar store in West Lafayette, IN and discovered that The Candle Lab has a partner store program. She immediately applied for the program and called her mother, Holly, to share the news.  Abby thought Holly would tell her she was absolutely crazy, but instead she was so excited and said "let’s do this!"

After finding the right location for the store, The Candle Lab helped assist them in getting a floor plan put together and supplies ordered for the grand opening. Less than 4 months later, JoJo's Olfactory & Co. opened on April 23, 2021.

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